Dr Melissa Goonan-Colbert

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– B.App Sci (Comp Med) .M.Ost
– Member of Australian Osteopathic Association
– Rehabilitative Pilates Instructor
– Certificate of Global Posturology
– Member of Sports Medicine Australia

Dr. Goonan- Colbert graduated from the school of Osteopathy at the university of RMIT, after completely 5 years at university , 3 years a bachelor of commentary medicine, then 2 year masters of Osteopathy, in which she specialised in Maternal and Pediatric health. Over Dr. Colberts years of experience she has worked at varies clinic around Melbourne gaining knowledge for treating a diverse range of condition including back and neck pain, headaches, migraines, shoulder and elbow pain, knee pain, foot pain, pregnancy related conditions and sports injuries.

Dr. Colbert continued further studies completing a Rehabilitative Pilates diploma at the internationally recognized Polestar Pilates. Pilates is a fantastic combination to help patients with chronic and acute back and neck pain, pregnancy related conditions, disc injuries, poor core strength, lack of flexibility, poor posture, and sports injuries treatment and prevention.

Dr. Colbert has a keen interest in patients suffering chronic back condition, pre and post pregnancy and sports injuries. Dr. Colbert works with football teams to help injury prevention by using Osteopathic treatment and Clinical Pilates strength training.

Dr. Colbert also completed a course in Global Posturology. She can professionally measure and fit insoles to help correct poor feet mechanic. The proprioceptive insoles help correct flat feet, heel pain, shin pain and sciatic pain and improve posture.

Dr. Colberts personal interest include spending time with her husband and their two puppies, spending time with family and friends. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by practicing pilates regular, she also enjoys running with her dogs and cycling.