Vibrant Health Osteopathy and Pilates – Live Your Life, Well

Vibrant Health Osteopathy and Pilates, Doreen helps you to not just get better, but to get well. Osteopathy is well reputed for fast, gentle relief from acute and chronic pain including neck, back and sciatic pain with clinically proven therapies from Vibrant Health.

How Vibrant Health Can Improve Your Wellbeing, for Life

It’s amazing how we adapt to little pains, to headaches, to sleep interruption… soon that soreness, stiffness and ache becomes a part of us. All day at a desk, a passion for sports, the pains of middle age – they all take a toll on our bodies and we forget how well and pain free we once felt.
Don’t just feel better by popping a tablet. Vibrant Health Osteopathy and Pilates could help you to stop feeling “a bit better”, and start feeling truly well. Get back to how your body is supposed to feel. We’ll help you do the things you love, pain free.
With proven therapies, performed by the Whittlesea region’s best therapists, Vibrant Health will help you live your life, well.

Osteopathy Doreen

Clinically proven, safe and gentle relief from acute and chronic pain.

Clinical Pilates

Gentle muscle therapy for strength, endurance, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Myotherapy Muscle Treatment

Relieve acute muscle and joint pain with gentle, clinically proven Myotherapy.

Dry Needling Plus

Advanced, physiologically developed therapy for treating myofascial injuries and pain.

Soft Tissue Cupping

Gentle and relaxing, Cupping relieves soft tissue pain, stiffness and impeded motion.

Orthotics Doreen

Clinically proven to improve posture, orthotics can relieve systemic and localised pain

Podiatrist Doreen

focuses on providing personalized and holistic care for all his patients

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Clinic Pilates


Dry Needling



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